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Zeiss Ikonta & Super Ikonta Camera Guide

A high-quality black and white reprint of the 1952 Focal Guide by W.D. Emanuel for the Zeiss Ikonta & Super Ikonta Cameras. This guide analyzes the various models; their history, design, features and operation. It also provides instructions for film and filter selection, exposure and metering, close-up photography with the Contameter and Ikometer and working with flash.

Covers the following Ikonta and Super Ikonta models:

Baby Ikonta (520/18) 4.5x6
Ikonta (520 & 521) 6x6
Ikonta (521/16, 523/16) 6x9
Ikonta (520/2, 521/2, 523/2) 6x5x11
Ikonta (520/15) Ikonta III 6x6 (524/16)
Ikonta III 6x9 (524/2) 4.5x6
Super Ikonta (530, 531) 6x6
Super Ikonta (530/16, 532/16, 533/16) 6x9
Super Ikonta (530/2, 531/2) 6.5x11 Super Ikonta (530/15)

Numerous illustrations and charts. Compact size: 5x6-1/2" (125x165mm), 72 pages, with a deluxe plastic comb (ring) binding and cardstock covers. Price: $15.00.

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