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Miscellaneous "S" Instruction Manuals

We offer high-quality black and white reprints of the original factory instruction manual. They are first generation, double-sided, trimmed to the format of the original, folded and stapled in the center. Most of the instruction manuals are English language unless otherwise noted. Our website prices do not include shipping. Please visit our "How to Order" page.


Saunders LPL Enlargers (see LPL)

Sawyers Mark IV 4x4 TLR (Primo Jr.), 30 pages, reprint, $12.

Sawyers Grand Prix 570 Slide Projector, 13 pages, reprrint, $9.

Seagull 4A Series 120 Twin Lens Reflex, folder, (Chinese & English), reprint, $5.

Seagull Twin Lens Reflex Camera with Winding Crank and Auto Cocking, folder, reprint, $5.

Seneca No. 2 Folding Scout Camera, 21 pages, reprint, $10.

Sima Soft Focus Lens 100mm F2, 13 pages, reprint, $8.

Sharp VL-DC1U Viewcam Mini DV Video Camcorder, 74 pages, (English with Spanish supplement), reprint, $15.

Solar Enlargers (see Burke & James)

SOM Berthiot Lenses (see Bolex)

Spectra Professional & Combi-500 Exposure Meters, 23 pages, reprint, $10.

Speedotron Black Line. Covers: 812, 1201A, 2041A, 2403, 4083 Power Supplement and Models 102, 103, 104, 105, 106 Universal Light Units (1986), 40 pages, reprint, $12.

Speedotron Black Line. Covers: 812, 1205, 2041B, 2403B, and 4803 Power Supplement and Models 102, 202VF, 105 (1 & 2 cable) and 106 Universal Light Units (1990), 36 pages, reprint, $12.

Spiratone Model 40 Mini-Strobe, 2 pages, reprint, $5.

Spiratone Universal Close-up Exposure Factor Scale, laminated, $6.

Star-D Thryistor Auto Flash SDEF821DZ, 35 pages, (multi-language), reprint, $12.

Steinheil Macro Lens for Exakta, 2 pages, reprint, $5.

Stroboframe RL 2000 Rotary Link Flash Bracket (Cat. No. 300-300), folder, reprint, $6.


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