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Miscellaneous "O, P" Instruction Manuals

We offer high-quality black and white reprints of the original factory instruction manual. They are first generation, double-sided, trimmed to the format of the original, folded and stapled in the center. Most of the instruction manuals are English language unless otherwise noted. Our website prices do not include shipping. Please visit our "How to Order" page.


Optika Auto 35 (Teraoka Seikosho Co. Ltd.), 22 pages, reprint, $10.

Orbiter F300TM / F300TA / F300C, 27 pages, reprint, $10.


Pako Pakomax Dryer instruction manual, maintenance & service manual, 25 pages, reprint, $10.

Panagor Automatic Lenses, 14 pages, reprint, $10.

Panon Widelux FV, 12 pages, reprint, $9.

Pathe Professional Reflex Models PR16-AT/BTL, PR16-AT, PR-DS8/BTL, 27 pages, 8-3/4x11", reprint, $12.

Petal Subminiature Camera, one-page photocopy, $3.

Phillips P536TCL-X, (multi-language), reprint by language, $8.

Brooks-Plaubel Veriwide 100, 12 pages, reprint, $10.

Plaubel Makina II, IIS, IIa, IIb, III, IIIR, 6 pages folder, reprint, $5.

Plaubel Makina 67, 19 pages, reprint, $10.

Premier Camera (Rochester Optical Co.), 14 pages, reprint, $10.

Premier Rotary Print Dryer, 6 pages, folder, reprint, $5.

Primo-Jr 4x4, 30 pages, reprint, $12.

Polaris Flash Meter (Aspen Corp.), (multi-language: E-F-G-SP), reprint by language, $9.

Prontor-SVS, MXV Shutters, 2 page folder, reprint, $5.

Our catalog prices do not include shipping.
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