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Miscellaneous "A" Instruction Manuals

We offer high-quality black and white reprints of the original factory instruction manual. They are first generation, double-sided, trimmed to the format of the original, folded and stapled in the center. Most of the instruction manuals are English language unless otherwise noted. Our website prices do not include shipping. Please visit our "How to Order" page.


Accura 7x50 Photo Monocular, 16 pages, reprint, $10.

Acro Candid Camera, 6 pages, reprint, $5.

Airequipt Festival Slide Projector, 7 pages, reprint, $5.

Airequipt 100 Series Slide Projector, 7 pages, reprint, $5.

Albinar Automatic Multi-Coated One-Touch Macro Zoom Lenses, double sided folder, reprint, $5.

Alpa 10d, 13 pages, reprint, $10.

Analite Enlarger Exposure Computer and Negative Analyzer, 11 pages, reprint, $8.

Arca-Swiss Polaroid Back for Hasselblad, 4 pages, (multi-language: E-F-G-IT), reprint, $5.

Arkay RC Print Dryers: Models RC 1601, RC 1602, RC 2000, RC 2002, 28 pages, reprint, $10.



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