These are high-quality reprints from the factory repair manuals. Most are 8-1/2"x11" (210x278mm) format. Printed on white paper and features a deluxe comb binding, heavyweight card stock covers and clear plastic protective overleaf. Prices do not include shipping.

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Shutter Repair Manuals


#8182 - Compur Shutter Service & Repair Manual: All Models c1968. Fully illustrated. Includes all variations, sizes, as well as camera brand specific designs for manufacturers such as Linhof, Kodak, Graflex, Rollei, Voigtlander and many others. Included are 28 color lubrication charts. 224 pages, $60.00

#8183 - Compur Electronic Shutter Service & Repair Manual c1966-1970. Includes Electronic I, 3 and 5 Models, as well as the 00-X and "m" series. Detailed service and repair instructions illustrated with repair diagrams, exploded views and a comprehensive parts list. Lubrication pages are in color. 85 pages, $30.00

#8184 - Contax RTS Shutter Repair Manual. Complete exploded views and parts list. 24 pages, $13.00

#8194 - Copal Shutter Exploded Views & Parts List for Repair: 00, 1, 3, Press, EB. Photocopies: No. 00 - Illustrated Parts List; No. 0 - Early Model: Exploded View, Parts List; No. 0 - Later Model: Exploded View, Parts List; No. 1 - Later Model: Exploded View, Parts List; No. 3 - Early Model: Exploded View, Parts List; Press No. 1 - Early Model: Exploded View, Parts List; EB - Illustrated Parts List. Total of 47 pages, $15.00

#8195 - Copal Square S Shutter Repair Manual (NatCam). Reprint of the National Camera Repair School c1970. This is the shutter found in the Nikkormat and other models of that vintage. Repair instructions using photographs of each component and labeled with the appropriate repair steps. Knowledge of camera disassembly to get at the shutter is assumed. 64 pages, $18.00

#8196 - Copal Shutter for Polaroid MP-3 Service & Repair Manual. Applies to similar Copal Press 1 Types with no external release or press focus lever. These operations are performed with 2 cable releases. Detailed, illustrated repair instructions with exploded views. 36 pages, $15.00

#8254 - Graflex Graphex Shutters Repair Manual for No. 1, 2, 3 Shutters. Also applies to identical Wollensak Rapax Shutters. Service and repair instructions with exploded views and complete parts list. 38 pages, $15.00

#8255 - Graflex 1000 Shutter Repair Manual. Fully illustrated. Troubleshooting, disassembly, repair and reassembly. 28 pages, $15.00

#8288 - Inter-Lens Shutters c1917, Illustrated Guide and descriptions of photographic Inter-Lens Shutters with directions for cleaning and repairing. Shutters covered: Compound, Volute, Xexcell, Optimo, Multispeed, Ernemann, Koilos, Regno, Automat, E.K. Automatic, F.P.K. Automatic, Ingento Junior, Kodak Ball Bearing, Ingento No. 0, Ilex Acme, Compur, Tenax. The foreword discusses general design characteristics, repair procedures and overhaul rules. Each lens is illustrated by a photograph with front plate removed revealing the parts. On the left hand page, shutter parts are listed and special characteristics are noted along with specific procedures by shutter. 39 pages, $15.00

For Kodak Shutters see separate page

#8622 - Pentax Super Multi-Coated Takumar 90mm F2.8 Lens Shutter Model Service & Repair Manual for Pentax 6x7. Exploded views, parts list. 10 pages. $10.00

#8634 - Automatic Shutters for Polaroid Land Cameras Repair Manual (1968-71). Includes complete repair materials on shutters for Models 362, 366 and 374. Full exploded views, troubleshooting service information. Approx. 200 pages, $25.00

#8640 - Prontor Gauthier Shutters Service & Repair Manual, Volume 1: English. Includes Prontor-S, Pronto, Vario shutters; with additional supplements on Prontormat, Vero, Prontor-SLK, Pronto-LK, Vario-LK, Prontor-SVS, Prontor-Reflex. Detailed service and repair instructions with drawings, exploded views and illustrated parts list. Total of 273 pages, $40.00

#8641 - Prontor Gauthier Shutters Repair Manual, Volume 2: English. Detailed shutter repair manual and parts list with repair illustrations and exploded views. Covers Prontor Shutter Models: Prontormat-S, 565 and 565-1, Prontor-Matic 566 and 566-1, Prontor-Lux 568 and 568-1, Prontor-Matic 567 and 567h, Prontor-Matic 569. Total of 185 pages, $35.00

#8435 - Seiko Shutters for Mamiya C Twin Lens Reflex & Mamiya Press Series Cameras. Reprints and photocopies of factory manuals. Select repair instructions, complete exploded views and parts lists. 31 pages, $15.00

#8681 - Synchro-Compur 00-MXV Wide-Reflex Shutter (1970) Service Manual. Fully illustrated. This booklet deals specifically with the Synchro-Compur 00-MXV Wide Reflex Shutter. Originally published by National Camera, it includes complete servicing information on this shutter. 46 pages, 5-1/2"x8-1/2", center stapled, $15.00

#8682 - Synchro-Compur Shutters (1967) Service & Repair Manual for Rolleiflex Cameras. Published by Honeywell, U.S. importer for Rollei at that time. Fully illustrated. Deals specifically with the Synchro-Compur shutters used on the Rolleiflex cameras. Illustrations are almost identical to our other Compur reprint, but text is expanded by Honeywell technicians, with more service information on the Rollei Compur shutters. 56 pages, $18.00

#8693 - Wollensak Rapax Shutters (also applies to Graphex Shutters). Photographs illustrating disassembled shutters as well as exploded drawings. Covers #1 and #2 Rapax Non-Synchromatic, #1 and #2 Rapax "X" Synchromatic, #1 and #2 Rapax Full Synchromatic Shutters. 12 pages, $10.00

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