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Shutter Repair Manual Reprints

Most manuals are 8-1/2x11" in format and bound with plastic (ring) comb binding along the spine with color card stock covers. Prices do not include shipping charges. Please visit our "How to Order" page. We ship worldwide!

#90018 - Compur Shutters c.1968, 224 pages, fully illustrated. Complete specifications for Compur Shutters to the mid-1960's. Tables of camera/lens/shutter combinations, exploded views, specific service instructions for all variations. Includes complete set of color lubrication illustrations, $40.

#90399 - Compur Electronic Shutters, 1966-1970. Approx. 100 pages, fully illustrated. Includes Electronic 1, 3 and 5 models, as well as the 00-X and "m" series. Includes exploded views, repair and adjustment information, as well as several ages in color for lubrication informaton, $30.

#90427 - Copal Square-S Shutter, 1970. This ia high-quality reprint of the National Camera produced repair and service manual on this shutter, popular in such cameras as the Nikon Nikkormat. 64 pages, fully illustrated. Provides a large picture on each page of a portion of the shutter with adjustment and reepair information. It ASSUMES you know how to disassemble the camera to get to the shutter, $18.

#90026 - Graflex Graphex Shutters (1, 2,3), 38 pages, fully illustrated. Complete trouble shooting, disassembly, repair and reassembly, $15.

#90025 - Graflex 1000 Shutter, 28 pages, fully illustrated. Troubleshooting, disassembly, repair and reassembly, $15.

#90017 - Inter-Lens Shutters (1917), 40 pages. Each shutter illustrated; description of parts, instructions for cleaning and repairing. Includes Compound, Volute, Optimo, Multispeed, Koilos, EK Automatic, Ilex, Acme, $15.

#80085 - Kodak Flash Supermatic Shutter for Kodak Medalist II camera, 11 pages, illustrated parts list with exploded views, $10.

#80086 - Kodak Supermatic, Flash Supermatic and Supermatic (X) Shutter Repair Manual, 100 pages. Detailed exploded views and tear down illusrations, full service and repair instructions with trouble-shooting charts. Covers the following Flash Supermatic Shutters with Medalist II with 100mm F3.5 Ektar, Kodak Monitor Six-20 Shutters, 105mm F3.7 Ektar, 127mm F4.7 Ektar, 135mm F6.3 Wide Field Ektar, 152mm 4.5 Ektar, 203mm F7.7 Ektar. Kodak Supermatic (X) Shutters with 127mm F4.7 Ektar, 152mm F4.5 Ektar, and shutters specific to Graphic and Busch Press Cameras. $20.

#90518 - Kodak Shutters, 1947-1955, 262 pages, fully illustrated. Comprehensive reprint of the parts and service manuals on the entire line of Kodak shutters at the time; Dakon, Flash Dakon and Diomatic, Flash 200, Kodon, Kodamatic, Flash Supermatic with various lenses (and Medalist II), Graphic Flash Supermatic, Supermatic (X), Synchro 300, Synchro-Rapid 800, $40.

#90405 - The Leica-Type Shutter, 1975, 46 pages, fully illustrated; 5-1/4x8-1/2". Reprint of the National Camera Technical Training Division manual. Written by S.L. Love, this manual covers design of the self-capping shutter, operation, making new curtains, installation, speed control, etc. Applicable to all users of this type of shutter, Leica was the most common at the time, $20.

#90685 - Mamiya 1ES Shutter for RZ Lens, 32 pages, fully illustrated. Exploded views, full disasembly, repair and adjustment, checking information, $18.

#90125 - Automatic Shutters for Polaroid Land Cameras (1968-1971), approx. 200 pages, fully illustrated. Exploded views, troubleshooting charts, service information. Includes complete repair materials on shutters for Series 100, 200, 300, 400 cameras, $25.

#90042 - Prontor Shutters, 274 pages, fully illustrated. Includes Prontor-S, Pronto, Vario shutters; with additional supplements on Prontormat, Vero, Prontor-SLK, Pronto-LK, Vario-LK, Prontor-SVS, Prontor-Reflex. Exploded views, service and adjustment instructions, complete illustrated parts listing,$40.

#90401 - Prontor Shutters, Volume 2, 185 pages, fully illustrated. Includes Prontormat-S, Prontor-Matic, Prontor-Lux, Prontor-Mator. Exploded views, service and adjustment instructions, complete illustrated parts listings, $35.

#80195 - Rapax Shutters (Wollensak) / (also applies to Graphex Shutters), 12 pages, photographs illustrating disassembled shutters as well as exploded drawings. Covers #1 and #2 Rapax Non-Synchromatic, #1 and #2 Rapax "X" Synchromatic, #1 and #2 Rapax Full Synchromatic Shutters, $10.

#90219 - Synchro-Compur 00-MXV Wide-Reflex Shutter (1970), 46 pages, 5-12/x8-1/2", fully illustrated. This booklet deals specifically with the Synchro-Compur 00-MXV Wide Reflex Shutter. Originally published by National Camera, it includes complete servicing information on this shutter, $15.

#90095 - Synchro-Compur Shutters (1967), 56 pages, fully illustrated. Deals specifically with the Synchro-Compur shutters used on the Rolleiflex cameras. Illustrations are almost identical to our other Compur reprint, but text is expanded by Honeywell technicians, with more service information on the Rollei Compur shutters, $15.

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