Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is the difference between an instruction manual and a repair manual?
. Instruction manuals show the user "how to operate the camera" and take pictures with the camera. Repair manuals show the repairman "how to take apart", clean, lubricate and fix the cameras or shutters.

Q. Is photocopying or Xeroxing used in the production of your manuals?
We use hiqh quality Canon Image Runner and Ricoh black & white printers which scan the image and produce black & white laser copies. This is not your typical self-serve Xerox copier you find at an office supply store. Each page is corrected for density and printed double-sided on 20 lb. white stock. Please read what our customers have to say about our reprinted manuals.

Q. Are the instruction manual reprints you offer in their original colors?
. The cost of reprinting in color is too high to maintain our low prices. We take great pains to ensure that all text, photographs and graphics, no matter what the original color, are totally readable. Each page is analyzed and adjusted for density and contrast.

Q. Do you offer your manuals in pdf format?
. The repair manual reprint for sale is a printed manual, not a cd, disc or pdf.

Q. Do you have a repair manual for a digital camera?
A. We do not offer repair manuals for camcorders or digital cameras.

Q. Why don't you offer a shopping cart service?
A. We don't use a shopping cart service because many people are unable to distinquish what they need. They might order first and then ask a question afterwards creating lots of extra work.