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Galvin 5x7 View Camera Outfit c1990: compact, lightweight

This is one of only four Galvin 5x7 view cameras ever made. These were presentation cameras given to friends and never marketed. This is a complete outfit consisting of the 5x7 camera, 3-section focusing rail, flat lens board, recessed lens board, adapter for mounting recessed board to front or accessories to camera back.

Camera features:

  • Compact lightweight design weighing only 9 lbs.
  • Universal 5x7 spring back for horizontal and vertical photography
  • 30 inch (762mm) 3-section monorail with sliding tripod mounting block
  • Geared rack and pinion focusing of rear standard along entire length of monorail
  • Double extension bellows extends to 30 inches (762mm)
  • Camera movements include front rise and fall, tilt, swing and shift, rear tilt and swing
  • Lens board is standard flat 5"x5" Galvin lens board with mounted 62mm (62.33mm) diameter lens flange
  • Recessed lens board measures 6-1/2"x6-1/2" with 1-1/8" recess with cut out for #0 size shutters. Mounts to front frame after removal of flat board and front mount adapter
  • Outfit includes mounting frame with sliding locks for mounting accessories to back upon removal of focusing panel
  • Weight of camera is 9 lbs. Recessed board and mounting frame weigh 2 lbs.

Price: $1249.90