Printed from the factory repair manuals on white paper, 8-1/2"x11" (210x278mm) format. Features heavyweight card stock covers, clear plastic protective overleaf and deluxe comb binding. Prices do not include shipping.

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#8632 - Polaroid 100-200-300 Series Cameras Service & Repair Manual (1970). Includes supplement on the 400 Series. Full service information, exploded views, troubleshooting charts. 120 pages, $20.00
#8633 - Polaroid Land Camera Model 360 and Electronic Flash Repair Manual. Detailed service and repair instructions illustrated with repair diagrams, exploded views, wiring schematics and a comprehensive parts list. 90 pages, $20.00
#8634 - Automatic Shutters for Polaroid Land Cameras Repair Manual (1968-71). Includes complete repair materials on shutters for Models 362, 366 and 374. Full exploded views, troubleshooting service information. 200 pages, $30.00
#8635 - Polaroid SX-70 Camera Repair Manual: First Revised Edition, November 1973. Highly detailed service and repair instructions with illustrated repair diagrams, exploded views and a comprehensive parts list. The contents of this manual are I) Description II) Theory of Operation III) Troubleshooting IV) Repair and Adjustments V) Parts List with Exploded Views. Approximately 212 pages, $30.00
#8636 - Polaroid MP-3 Industrial View Camera (1969-1972) Repair Manual. Fully illustrated. Exploded views, troubleshooting charts, service information. Separate section, updated to 1972, on the Copal shutter system of the MP-3. Approximately 90 pages, $20.00
#8637 - Polaroid MP-3 Copal Shutter Repair Manual. Applies to most Copal Press Type #1 self-cocking shutters except the Polaroid shutter does not have press focus and release levers. The Polaroid shutter uses cable releases for these functions. Detailed repair & service information with exploded views and parts numbers. 35 pages, $15.00
#8368 - Polaroid MP4, MP4+ Illustrated Parts Catalog with exploded views. 44 pages, $15.00
#8639 - Polaroid Model 600 / 600SE Professional Land Camera Service & Repair Manual. Illustrated service and repair manual. Includes lenses, 75mm viewfinder plus U.S. and International numbered, illustrated parts lists with exploded views. Approximately 100 pages, $20.00