These are high-quality reprints from the factory repair manuals. Most are 8-1/2"x11" (210x278mm) format. Printed on white paper and features a deluxe comb binding, heavyweight card stock covers and clear plastic protective overleaf. Prices do not include shipping.

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Miscellaneous Service &
Repair Manuals from A to V


#8004 - Airequipt Slide Projector Service & Repair Manual c1970. Covering Models 100, 200, 300, 400 and 900 Series. Fully illustrated with exploded views, component and circuit illustrations, complete repair instructions and factory parts list. 100 pages, $20.00

#8005 - Alpa 10d, IIe, IIel Exploded Views & Parts List Manual. Exploded views and disassembly diagrams with illustrated parts and component list including the older models such as 4b, 5a, 6c, 7, 8, 9d, 9f etc. This is a listing of parts available when the manual was produced. Not all parts for the older cameras are included as some were discontinued. Others may be common to the later models 10d, 11e, 11el which are complete. Note: this is the same manual Ed Romney offered. If you already own his, do not buy this one. Total of 89 pages, $20.00

#8006 - Ampro Premier-10, -20, -30; Stylist 16mm Projectors c1950 Repair Manual. Illustrated with full schematics, exploded views, close-up views of inner workings of projector. Full service information. 124 pages, $25.00

#8013 - Bausch & Lomb Balomatic Projectors 300, 305, 500 Slide Projector Repair Manual. Full service and repair instructions, detailed exploded views and repair illustrations, wiring schematics and an itemized parts list. 20 pages, $13.00

#8066 - Bolsey B-2, U.S. Air Force Ground Camera Model B-2 (Bolsey), Handbook and Overhaul Instructions. Reprint from the U.S. Air Force (April 1, 1951) publication. Covers mechanical operation details, repair, disassembly, cleaning and inspection. Detailed parts list included. Illustrated with exploded views. 25 pages, $13.00

#8124 - Canon Scoopic 16M Movie Camera Repair Manual. Covers the disassembly, adjustment troubleshooting, repair and inspection as well as the illustrated parts and tool list. Illustrated with exploded views, detailed repair drawings and electric circuit diagrams and schematics. 82 pages, $20.00

#8179 - Chinon CE-3, CM-3 Cameras and PW-510 Power Winder Service & Repair Manual. Detailed service and repair instructions, exploded views, schematics, wiring diagrams and parts list. 84 pages, $20.00

#8180 - Chinon CM-4 Service & Repair Manual. Fully illustrated with exploded views, component and circuit illustrations, complete repair instructions and factory parts list. 38 pages, $15.00

#8181 - Cinema Products CP-16R, CP-16R/A and Crystasound Motion Picture Cameras Repair Manual. Detailed service information with repair illustrations (including 11"x17" fold-out blueprint reproductions), exploded views, wiring diagrams, schematics, parts listing, troubleshooting notes, illustrated training notes, service addendums. 151 pages, $50.00

#8197 - DeJur Eldorado 84F, 84Z Dual 8mm Projector Service & Repair Manual. Detailed illustrated service and repair instructions and parts list. 44 pages, $18.00

#8202 - Durst Laborator 900 Servicing Instructions. Full illustrated. Includes adjustment of cam plate, replacing focusing lever, spring drum, steel band, counterweight spring, lens tubes, guide rollers, bellows. 20 pages, $15.00

#8203 - Durst Laborator 1200 Servicing Instructions. Fully illustrated. Includes removal of enlarger head, replacing counterweight spring, brake spring, driving pinion, locking knob, bushings, bellows. 14 pages, $13.00

#8278 - Honeywell Pentax, Asahi Pentax 1/21 Spot Meter Parts List. With exploded views and color wiring diagrams. Covers Product No. 293. 10 pages, $12.00

#8279 - Honeywell Repronar I and II Parts List with Exploded Views. Pages 1 and 2 of Repronar I are missing. No repair instructions in this manual. 43 pages, $15.00

#8280 - Honeywell Repronar 805A Service, Repair & Parts Manual / Parts Manual for 805. Illustrated with exploded views and parts numbers. 61 pages, $18.00

#8286 - Hugo Meyer Cam Coupled Rangefinder and Focalite for Press Cameras (c1950) Service & Repair Manual. Covers Rangefinder Models "P": 2P, 2PG, 3P, 3PG, 4P, 4PG, 5P, 5PG; "N": 2, 2C, 4, 4C, 5. Covers Models for Pacemaker Graphics, Anniversary Graphics, Burke and James Press, Busch Pressman, Meridian and various film pack and plate cameras. Detailed installation and instructions. 35 pages, $15.00

#8287 - Ihagee Exakta Cameras Repair Manual. Photocopy of the Romney repair manual. Covers 1933 Vest Pocket Exakta, Kine Exakta, VX, VXIIa, VX1000, VX500 and RTL. Total of 20 pages, $13.00

#8292 - Kardon Camera (Camera PH-629/UF) Department of the Army Technical Manual. The Kardon was a Leica IIIA copy manufactured in the U.S. in the 1940's and was a stop-gap camera used until Leica's began to arrive again after World War II. This manual covers the operation, maintenance, military applications and even destruction in case of capture. Full operating, maintenance and repair instructions. Illustrated with photographs, drawings and exploded views. 118 pages, $20.00

#8416 - Kowa Super 66 Service & Repair Manual. Repair instructions cover only the camera body and magazine, NO lenses. Illustrated service and repair instructions with troubleshooting guide. 67 pages, $18.00

#8417 - KW Pentacon Praktica Exploded Views for Service & Repair: Photocopy. Praktica Nova, Nova IB, LTL., Super TL, L, LLC, Praktica Mat. 7 pages, $10.00

#8428 - LW 224-A 16mm Projector / Optical Data Analyzer Service & Repair Manual. Complete service and repair manual for this modified Kodak Analyst II projector. 65 pages, $18.00

#8597 - Omega D5500 Auto CLS Enlarger & Lamphouse System Service & Repair Manual. Covers Enlarger Chassis, Auto CLS Dichroic Lamphouse, Auto CLS Controller II, Auto CLS Controller, Auto CLS Translator/Controller. Detailed service and repair instructions with exploded views, repair illustrations, schematics and wiring diagrams. 72 pages, $20.00

#8598 - Pakomax Dryer Instructions, Service & Repair Manual. Illustrated guide to the operation and maintenance of this popular print dryer. With illustrated parts list and exploded views. 25 pages, $15.00

#8599 - Pako Pakonomy Dryers 13 / 26 / 26M / 26S / 44 (1952-1975) Service Manual. 86 pages, fully illustrated. This is a compilation of material on the Pako floor model dryers. Includes instruction manual (also adjustments); parts listings; service bulletins (includes both electric and hot water models); maintenance and service information. 86 pages, $25.00

#8600 - Pathe Electronic Duolight DS8 and 16mm Service & Repair Manual. Repair instructions with illustrations, exploded views, wiring diagrams and detailed parts list. 46 pages, $15.00

#8601 - Pentacon 6 TTL Meter Prism Repair Manual: Photocopy. Illustrated repair instructions. 21 pages, $13.00

#8642 - RCA Model 400 16mm Projector (1949) Service & Repair Manual. Fully illustrated. Covers the MI-1305-I and MI-1313 projector-amplifiers and MI-1306-I loudspeaker and accessories. Includes service information on projectors, schematic of amplifier, and complete parts listing. 48 pages, $15.00

#8643 - Revere SP-16 Sound Projector Service Manual. Fully illustrated, exploded views, service and adjustments. 30 pages, $15.00

#8673 - Sankyo Stereo-800 (C-75) Sound Projector Service & Repair Manual with Parts List. Fully illustrated with exploded views and circuit diagrams. 77 pages, $20.00

#8674 - Sankyo Sound XL-420, XL-320 Movie Camera Service & Repair. Illustrated repair instructions, exploded views, parts lists, schematics and wiring diagrams. 54 pages, $18.00

#8675 - Sawyer's Rotomatic Projector Service & Repair Manual. Covers Sawyer Models 600, 700, 600A, 700A, 707Q, 707AQ; Wards 666, 777Q, 777AQ; Eaton Optina Superb. Full service and repair instructions, detailed exploded views and repair illustrations, wiring schematics and an itemized parts list. 47 pages, $15.00

#8676 - Simplex 35 Projector & Magazine Parts Catalogue c1970. Features exploded views and numbered parts list. 52 pages, $18.00

#8680 - Spectra Professional Meters Repair, Assembly & Service Manual. Covers Spectra Professional, Universal, Combi-500, Combi-500 Booster Circuit. Includes Parts List and exploded views of each meter. 32 pages, $15.00

#8683 - TDC Slide Projectors, Table Viewers, Electric Slide Changer Service & Repair Manual (1956). Covers Bell & Howell TDC Projector Models 117G, 106G, 100G, 773G, 150G, 759G, 251G, 751G, 124G, 224G, 325G, 425G, 225G, 415G, 320G, 720G, 260G, 160G, 304G, 504G and ball and project-or-view. Service and repair information, exploded views and parts list. 46 pages, $15.00

#8684 -TDC Stereo Projectors & Stereo Cameras Service & Repair Manual. Covers the 716-G, 716-A, 732-G, 761-A Stereo Projectors, the 135-G Stereo Vivid, 739-G Stereo Colorist I and 739-B Stereo Colorist II Cameras. Trouble shooting charts, illustrated service instructions, wiring diagrams and exploded views. 36 pages, $15.00

#8692 - Voigtlander Vito C, Vito CL, Vito CLR Service & Repair Manual (1959), English & German. Detailed service and repair instructions, illustrated with repair diagrams, exploded views and a comprehensive parts list. 50 pages, $15.00

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