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Repair, Service & Parts Manual Reprints
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Most manuals are 8-1/2x11" (215x280mm) and bound with plastic comb ring binding along the spine with color card stock covers. Prices do not include shipping charges. Please visit our "How to Order" page. We ship worldwide!

#80030 - Agfa Colorflex & Ambiflex Repair Manual, 80 pages. English, French, German. Detailed repair information with exploded views and numbered parts listing, $18.

#90347 - Airequipt Slide Projectors c1970, 100 pages, fully illustrated. Covers Airequipt models in the 100, 200, 300, 400 and 900 series. Includes schematics, exploded views, parts listing; complete service and adjustment information., $25.

#80055 - Alpa 10d, IIe, IIel, 89 pages. Assembly, disassembly diagrams, schematics, charts and illustrated parts list, $20.

#90119 - Ampro Premier-10, -20, -30; Stylist 16mm Projectors c1950, 124 pages, fully illustrated. Full schematics, exploded views, close-up views of inner workings of projector. Full service information, $25.

#90345 - Bausch & Lomb Balomatic Projectors 300/305/500, 20 pages, fully illustrated. Includes schematics, exploded views, parts listing; complete service and adjustment information. Can probably also be used for basic adjustments on the 755 model as well, $15.

#90121 - Bolsey B-2 {Air Force Ground Camera). Approx. 30 pages, fully illustrated. Reprint of original U.S. Air Force Handbook and Overhaul Instructions for this camera of 1951. Exploded views, parts listing, full service and overhaul information, $15.

#80029 - Cinema Products CP-16R, CP-16R/A & Crystasound Motion Picture Cameras, 200 pages. Detailed service and repair information with repair illustrations, exploded views, wiring diagrams, schematics and parts listing, $35.

#90018 - Compur Shutters c.1968, 224 pages, fully illustrated. Complete specifications for Compur Shutters to the mid-1960's. Tables of camera/lens/shutter combinations, exploded views, specific service instructions for all variations. Includes complete set of color lubrication illustrations, $40.

#90399 - Compur Electronic Shutters, 1966-1970. Approx. 100 pages, fully illustrated. Includes Electronic 1, 3 and 5 models, as well as the 00-X and "m" series. Includes exploded views, repair and adjustment information, as well as several ages in color for lubrication informaton, $30.

#90427 - Copal Square-S Shutter, 1970. This ia high-quality reprint of the National Camera produced repair and service manual on this shutter, popular in such cameras as the Nikon Nikkormat. 64 pages, fully illustrated. Provides a large picture on each page of a portion of the shutter with adjustment and reepair information. It ASSUMES you know how to disassemble the camera to get to the shutter, $18.

#90328 - Eumig Mark 607 / 610D / 610D Lux Movie Projectors, 1974, 64 pages, fully illustrated. Full exploded views, complete service and repair information, parts listing, $20.

#90325 - Eumig Mark-M-S8 / Mark-8 Movie Projectors, 64 pages, fully illustrated. Full exploded views, complete service and repair information, parts listing, $20.

#90012 - Honeywell Repronar 805A /805, 1971, approx. 80 pages, fully illustrated. Complete schematics, exploded views, parts and tools listing, fully disassembly, repair and service. Also includes some updates, $15.

#80188 - Hugo Meyer Cam Coupled Rangefinder and Focalite for Press Cameras, 20 pages. Detailed installation and instructions. Covers Rangefinder models "P": 2P, 2PG, 3P, 3PG, 4P, 4PG, 5P, 5PG; "N": 2, 2C, 4, 4C, 5. Covers models for Pacemaker Graphics, Anniversary Graphics, Burke and James Press, Busch Pressman, Meridian and various film pack and plate cameras, $15.

#80080 - Ihagee Exakta Cameras, 20 pages. Reprint of the Romney repair manual. Covers 1933 Vest Pocket Exakta, Kine Exakta, VX, VXIIa, VX1000, VX500 and RTL, $15.

#90349 - Ihagee Exakta Cameras c1935, 20 pages. Quality reprint of a scarce Ihagee camera catalog, featuring Exakta Models A, B, Junior, Patent Reflex, Parvola, Ultrix, etc. accessories. Complete descriptions, specifications, $15.

#90017 - Inter-Lens Shutters (1917), 40 pages. Each shutter illustrated; description of parts, instructions for cleaning and repairing. Includes Compound, Volute, Optimo, Multispeed, Koilos, EK Automatic, Ilex, Acme, $15.

#80013 - Kardon Camera (U.S. manufactured Leica IIIa copy), 118 pages. Reprint of the U.S. Army Technical Manual of 1951. Guide to using, maintaining and servicing the Kardon camera with numerous illustrations, wirebound, $25.

#2000 - Koni-Omega Rapid, approximately 75 pages in English. Exploded views and parts list. First Model -- not for Rapid M, $18.95.

#2001 - Koni-Omega Rapid M Parts Manual, English & Japanese; approximately 70 pages, 8-1/2"x11" with 11"x17" fold-out pages. Exploded views (no repair instructions), $18.95.

#90103 - Kowa Super 66 Camera, 67 pages, fully illustrated. Includes exploded views, parts list, full service information, $20.

#90222 - Omega D5500 Dichroic Lamphouse System, 72 pages, fully illustrated. Includes the D5500 chassis; Auto CLS Dichroic Lamphouse; Auto CLS Controller II; Auto CLS Controller; and Auto CLS Translator/Comptroller. Full schematics, exploded views, parts, service, $20.

#90163 - Pathe Electronic Duolight 16mm and DS-8 Cine Cameras, 1974, 46 pages, fully illustrated. Complete parts and service manual covering these professional cine cameras. Includes exploded views, wiring diagrams, service information, $25.

#90042 - Prontor Shutters, 274 pages, fully illustrated. Includes Prontor-S, Pronto, Vario shutters; with additional supplements on Prontormat, Vero, Prontor-SLK, Pronto-LK, Vario-LK, Prontor-SVS, Prontor-Reflex. Exploded views, service and adjustment instructions, complete illustrated parts listing,$40.

#90401 - Prontor Shutters, Volume 2, 185 pages, fully illustrated. Includes Prontormat-S, Prontor-Matic, Prontor-Lux, Prontor-Mator. Exploded views, service and adjustment instructions, complete illustrated parts listings, $35.

#80195 - Rapax Shutters (Wollensak) / (also applies to Graphex Shutters), 12 pages, photographs illustrating disassembled shutters as well as exploded drawings. Covers #1 and #2 Rapax Non-Synchromatic, #1 and #2 Rapax "X" Synchromatic, #1 and #2 Rapax Full Synchromatic Shutters, $10.

#90204 - RCA Model 400 16mm Projector, 1949, 48 pages, fully illustrated. Covers the MI-1305-I and MI-1313 projector-amplifiers and MI-1306-I loudspeaker and accessories. Includes service information on projectors, schematic of amplifier, and complete parts listing, $20.

#80113 - Repronar II, 26 pages, exploded views and parts list, $15.

#80153 - Sankyo Stereo-800 (C-75) Sound Projector, 77 pages, service manual and parts list. Fully illustrated with exploded views and circuit diagrams, $20.

#90327 - Sankyo XL-420 / XL-320 Movie Cameras, 66 pages, fully illustrated. Full exploded views, complete service and repair information, parts listing, $20.

#90246 - Spectra Professional, Universal, Combi-500 Exposure Meters, 1968, 32 pages, fully illustrated. Complete schematics, exploded views, parts and tools listing, full disassembly, repair and service, $20.

#90350 - Still Picture Camera Set KS-6 (1) [70mm Combat Graphic], 1956, 118 pages, fully illustrated. Includes complete instructions in the operation of the camera, as well as complete exploded views, disassembly, service, repair and reassembly. Also includes demolition information in event of enemy attack. Originally issued by the Department of the Army, $25.

#80191 - Still Picture Camera Set KS-15 (1) and Camera Equipment AN/GFQ-2 "Operation and Maintenance", October 1958, 51 pages. Instructions cover outfits containing Leica IIIf Body, 50mm Summitar, 35mm Summaron and 135mm Elmar, Universal Finder and Accessories as well as IIIF Body, 50mm Summitar, 90mm and 127mm Wollensak Lenses, Universal Finder and Accessories. Originally issued by the Department of the Army, $20. 

#90095 - Synchro-Compur Shutters (1967), 56 pages, fully illustrated. Deals specifically with the Synchro-Compur shutters used on the Rolleiflex cameras. Illustrations are almost identical to our other Compur reprint, but text is expanded by Honeywell technicians, with more service information on the Rollei Compur shutters, $15.

#90219 - Synchro-Compur 00-MXV Wide-Reflex Shutter (1970), 46 pages, 5-12/x8-1/2", fully illustrated. This booklet deals specifically with the Synchro-Compur 00-MXV Wide Reflex Shutter. Originally published by National Camera, it includes complete servicing information on this shutter, $15.

#90047 -TDC Stereo Cameras and Projectors, 40 pages, fully illustrated. Schematics, service instructions for Stereo Vivid, Stereo Colorist I and II cameras, Model 716 Stereo Projector and Project-or-View, $15.

#90280 - TDC Slide Projectors, Table Viewers, Slide Changer, 1956, 46 pages, fully illustrated. Schematics, service instructions for Bell & Howell TDC Projector Models 117G, 106G, 100G, 773G, 150G, 759G, 251G, 751G, 124G, 224G, 325G, 425G, 225G, 415G, 320G, 720G, 260G, 160G, 304G, 504G, Project-or-View. Service information, complete exploded views, parts listing, $20.

#90229 - Voigtlander Vito C / Vito CL / Vito CLR Cameras c1959, 50 pages, fully illustrated. Includes views, disassembly and reassembly information and repair information, $15.


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