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Hasselblad Camera Repair,
Service & Parts Manual Reprints

Most manuals are 8-1/2x11" in format and bound with plastic comb ring binding along the spine with color card stock covers. Prices do not include shipping charges. Please visit our "How to Order" page. We ship worldwide!

#5000 - Hasselblad 2000FC & 2000FC/M Parts Catalogue. English, 62 pages, 8-1/2"x11" with numerous 11"x17" fold-out pages. Exploded views and assembly charts (no repair instructions), $24.95.

#5001 - Hasselblad Magazine 12, 16, 16S, 24 Spare Parts Catalogue with Exploded Views. English, 31 pages. Covers all models through 1967 and includes photocopies of exploded views of later A12, A16, A16S, A24. Price $14.95.

#5002 - Hasseblad Magazine 70 Repair Manual & Spare Parts Catalogue with Exploded Views, 1967. English, 271 pages, $14.95.

#80200 - Hasselblad 500CM Camera, 503cx with supplements for 501C and 503cxi,122 pages, complete illustrated service, repair and parts manual covering dismantling, reassembly, adjustment and repair of these fine instruments. Note: no lens or shutter repair information, refer to #80201. Illustrated technical descriptions of how components operate and interact. Includes all exploded views with parts listings, $24.95.

#80201 - Zeiss Lenses for Hasselblad, 306 pages, comprehensive illustrated service, repair and parts manual with exploded views of each lens and its components and parts listings. Instructions for repair procedures, tools and devices, adjustment, cleaning, mounting and dismounting of elements and rings, exchanging shutters and diaphragm blades, checking flash contacts and all other repairs and service. Includes tool requirements and color lubrication diagrams. CF Lenses covered: Planar 80mm F2.8 / 100mm F3.5, Sonnar 150mm F4 / 250mm F5.6, Sonnar Super Achromat 250mm F5.6, Tele-APO Tessar 500mm F8, Tele-Tessar 350mm F5.6, Distagon 60mm F3.5 / 50mm F4 / 40mm F4, Makro-Planar 120mm F4 /135mm F5.6, UV-Sonnar 105mm F4.3, F-Distagon 30mm F3.5, Biogon 38mm F4.5, Mutar, Variable Extension Ring. Also includes addendum for Sonnar 180mm F4. Price $49.95.

#80047 - Hasselblad 500C, 500CM Cameras, 43 pages, illustrated parts manual with exploded views. No service instructions, $15.

#90173 - Hasselblad 500C, 500C/M, Super Wide C (1959-1971) Cameras, 100 pages, fully illustrated. A combination of service manuals from various time periods. Hasselblad relies extensively on exploded views for self-explanatory service, so actual repair text is minimal. Includes different versions of the 500C, complete exploded views, parts listing, service information, as well as some additional detail sheets, and previous repairman/owner's notes, $19.95.

#90323 - Hasseblad 500EL Camera Body (1965-1967), 80 pages, fully illustrated. Includes full exploded views and parts identification, as well as complete dis-assembly, re-assembly, service and repair information, $17.95.


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