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Graflex Literature & Catalog Pages

High quality black & white 8-1/2"x11" photocopied pages in English printed from the original catalogs.

U.S.Destinations: catalog pages will be folded once and mailed in a 6"x9" polymailer. Postage included in the cost of the item.

International Destinations: catalog pages will be folded once and mailed in a 6"x9" polymailer via First Class Letter. Please email for correct postage.

We do not offer pdf downloads for these pages.

Graflex XL Catalog Pages: XL, RF, Super Wide Angle, Standard, Lenses & Accesories (1967), 14 pages, double-sided, $9.90

Graflex Graphic View II Catalog Page (1967), single-sided sheet, $5.95

Graflex Century 23 Catalog Page (1967), double-sided sheet, $5.95

Graflex Super Graphic & Super Speed Graphic Catalog Pages (1967). Cameras, lenses, film holders, accessories, 10 pages, $8.95

Graflex Speed & Crown Graphic 4x5 Catalog Pages (1967), 10 pages, $8.95

Graflex Graflite Flash & AccessoriesCatalog Pages (1967), double-sided sheet, $5.95

Graflex Stroboflash I, II, IV & Accessories Catalog Pages (1967), 3 pages, $6.95

Graflex 16 Model 900 16mm Sound Movie Projector Catalog Pages (1967), double-sided sheet, $5.95


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