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Contax I, II, III, IIa, IIIa Rangefinder Camera Guide

A high-quality black and white reprint of the 1963 Focal Guide by W.D. Emanuel. Covers the classic Rangefinder Models I, II, III, IIa, IIIa. Detailed coverage of the history, design, operation and applications of these classic cameras. Extensive information on the lenses (including the obscure ones), viewfinders and accessories including the Proxars, Contameters, Stereotar C and Contaprox. Picture taking instructions include exposure, using the contax meter, film selection, filters, close-up photography, stereo photography, flash and scientific photography. Numerous illustrations and charts as well as a selection of photographs. Compact size: 5x6-1/2" (125x165mm), 112 pages, with a deluxe plastic comb (ring) binding and cardstock covers. Price: $15.00.

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