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The manual arrived on time and in excellent condition. The detail is perfect. Great job to whoever did the copy. I own this projector. It works fine being its 75 years old. This manual will be a big help in its maintenance. Parts might be a challenge, so far so good.

Got the packet today. I admit that I was hesitant with this purchase, but now I have to admit that it is AWESOME, worth every penny, all those beautiful clean pictures and charts. I think you should (maybe with pictures) transmit how amazing and different the manuals are from EVERYTHING else out there. The one I bought from Korea is a piece of crap compared to yours. Only thing I can think that might be better would be the original ones. Maybe one day. I just wanted to let you know and I will write an enthusiastic review and will recommend it to my friends.

I believe we met at a camera show many years ago. I am happy I found you again.

I received the manual yesterday and with its help got my old Airequipt 430 slide projector working like new again. Thanks for the quality work, great price, and for getting this out to me so quickly. You guys are a precious resource.

Thank you so much for packaging the manuals individually in sealed plastic. The carrier placed them on the path rather than on the covered porch, and we had thunderstorms all day. The outer packaging was soaked. The manuals were unharmed.

I received the manuals you sent. I wanted to convey to you that I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of the reproductions. Good job!

Received my Service manual for the Bell & Howell projectors. Well packaged Reasonably priced. Great service Could not be happier.

I wanted to say thank you for the quality of the Mamiya manual that I received. I have to admit that it is Fantastic! and I was a bit suprised as other reproductions I have bought in the past have been very sub-standard, but yours is clear, crisp and done with care.

I received today your wonderful copy of the camera manual. What can I say. The Quality and Service has been 1st class and at such a moderate cost, far far better to what we are use to here in the U.K. I shall certainly be purchasing more manuals from You, now that I have found such a quality from such as yours. Your web address is certainly going in my favorite sellers box.

Just to let you know i received the manual and am very pleased with it. It was finally what i have been looking for everywhere in bookstores and camera repair shops.

I ordered the Asahi Pentax Spotmatic repair manual recently. First, let me say that you did a beautiful job in reproducing and binding the reprint. It looks great.

Package arrived safe today, real good. Very workshop manualish Presentation indeed clear and tidy. Something not easy to find at all for something so elderly. Thanks and best regards.

I have bought lens manuals from you in the past, and are grateful not only for the information, but the quality of the reproductions. I have bookmarked your site, and will certainly do business with you the future!

My father has an old 1000DTL that recently broke, and we thought we'd try our hand at repairing it ourselves--I found your site from a recommendation on an internet message board that I found from a web search--Finding this book is a godsend!

I received Kodak service (and parts) manuals yesterday. I am very pleased particularly with quality of reproduction, and binding method is great. I have no doubt that I will buy more in the future.

The manual has arrived. It is in excellent condition and the colour reproduction of the circuit diagram is superb. Congratulations on the quality of your product. I have just bought a pdf from one of your competitors, and am regretting it. The quality of some of the illustrations is poor but I was not advised of this.

Just wanted to say thanks for the manual you just sent me. It is really loaded with interesting info beyond the 7x17 and 8x20 cameras which was my primary focus. I used to be a printer and I recognize the good quality duplication - particularly in the photographs. The binding is great, too. Allows for easier reading than if book were merely stapled.

I received the manuals for the Graflex Graphic this morning. I think your service is excellent and I will certainly highly recommend you to friends and colleagues. You have taken the effort to package the manuals properly and they arrived in perfect condition. Many thanks.

Yesterday I used Google search engine to search for "Clarus MS-35" and came up with a hit for you. Please advise as to availability or lack of thereof. Your prices on instruction manuals are so reasonable!!!

I am the guy you sent a replacement service manual for the 28mm F3.5 PC-Nikkor lens when the first one was lost in transfer. Just want to tell you that the repair is successfully completed. The manual did not give every information I wanted, but together with the somewhat richer documentation on the 28mm F4 lens and the exploded views I could undertake the job with some confidence. I am a very pleased customer!

This is just to inform you that I received the original Rolleiflex T instruction manual plus the instruction manual for the accessories you sent me. Thank you so much for sending them promptly! It is such a joy and pleasure not just to own the original manuals, but being now able to study them and to get to know my Rolleiflex T more!! It's so great to know such a place like yours still exist on our planet!

Congratuations on setting up your online location. have been very pleased with your manuals to date and your site will be the first place I look as I delve deeper into my Konica collection.

I'm e-mailing just to let you know that I allready received my EXAKTA instruction manual as ordered, in perfect condition. I am very pleased with your service and your efficiency and I'm sure we will have business in the future.

Many thanks for shipping both items together and for the postage refund. You're a star! I've saved your store in my favorites and will keep an eye on the excellent and hard to find items you have for sale. I'll tell all my friends too!!

By the way, I am going to definitely recommend photobooksonline.com to the instructor, he is always looking for good organizations to pass on to the class. Finding instruction manuals such as the one on Rollei is important. Most of the people that attend the class bought their equipment used and had no instruction manuals.

The manual arrived today in your usual fine fashion. Many thanks, and I hope your weather is improving. It has been bad back east, that's for sure. I'll be back in touch when I need another manual. You folks have helped me several times.

I gave my Niece in Waterloo your web site address in case she needs a book for an Nikon FM camera I gave her last summer. I noticed you had both original and copied manual available. Thanks again for the prompt service great condition of the manuals.

Just to let you know the manual arrived safe & sound this morning. It was posted on 26th January, so was not the one you originally sent. I'll hang on to your address for a couple of weeks in case the other one materializes. Thanks for your prompt help in dealing with this - it's at the times when things go wrong that companies' really show their mettle.

Apologies! i found the manual a couple of minutes ago! of course it was on TOP of the pile of old mail. thank you again for your willingness to help had i not received it. but all is well.

Just received my Yashica manual. It was much better than I expected. I like the way you put it together. I just wanted you to know that I feel you have a quality product. Your service is outstanding also.

I received your Nikon F manual Thursday last. Such high Quality. At very reasonable prices. Even with the higher postage cost, you are still a lot lower in price. I'm Sorry I could not leave you feedback, as it was not a ebay sale. But sincere thanks.

Just to let you know i received the manual and am very pleased with it. It was finally what i have been looking for everywhere

Thank you very much for the prompt delivery of the manual for my Nikon EM. As I requested it arrived in Florida before I even arrived for my vacation. There were many things I didn't know about the camera, and the book came in good use.The friendly service is also appreciated.

Just a quick note to let you know that the repair manual arrived today and was in great shape - in fact it looks brand new. Thanks for the prompt and courteous service. When I need another manual for a different camera you will be the first place I look.

Great website with a treasure trove of info for photographers--especially those of us who started in photography in the late 1940's

Thank you for your exemplary E-commerce service. The efficient human touch is what makes this global village-process so amazing. When I awoke this morning to find your timely reply (to my request for shipping information) I was able to look forward to a weekend without anxiety. I must also compliment you on the simple design of your website. To browse through your inventory was a pleasant experience. I just hate pop-ups and advertising.


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