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Early Catalog Reprints / Technical Manuals



(1901) G. Gennert Wholesale Catalog, New York: Cameras And Apparatus, Photographic Lenses, Papers And Chemicals Reprint. This very rare illustrated catalog features Montauk cameras including: Montauk Cycle, Stereo Montauk, Twin Lens Montauk, etc.; The "Chic" Camera, Al-Vista Panoramic Camera, Cyclone Magazine Cameras, Hawk-Eye and Weno Hawk-Eye Cameras, Gennert Portrait and Copy Cameras, Portrait Cameras and View Cameras, The "Brighton" Camera, The Oxford Camera, The Outing View Camera, Nancy Hanks Camera, The Eaton Camera; backs, accessories, lenses from Voigtlaender (sic), Ross', Goerz, "Seraph", "Lumen", GG, Adams Finders, various shutters plus darkroom apparatus, chemistry, tripods, holders, books, etc. with wholesale discount schedules. 161 pages, wirebound, $25.

(1903) Gundlach Korona Catalog: Cameras & Lenses Reprint. Gundlach-Manhattan Optical Co. catalog of Korona cameras and accessories as well as lenses from Turner-Reich, Ross, Zeiss, Goerz and B&L/Zeiss. With full descriptions and specifications. 64 pages, 6x8-1/4" (152x210mm). Features cardstock covers with deluxe comb (ring) binding, $15.

(1906) Borsum Camera Company Catalog Reprint. Illustrated catalog describing Borsum Reflex cameras and accessories. 24 pages, 5-1/2x8-1/2", $15.

(1908) Voigtlander Lenses Catalog Reprint. Illustrated catalog of photographic objectives: Collinears, Heliars, Apochromats, Dynars, Telephotos and Euryscopes. 29 pages, 6x9", $15.

(1912) Bromide Printing and Enlarging Guide with advertisements from Goerz, Folmer & Schwing, Bausch & Lomb and other manufacturers. Originally published by Tennant and Ward, NY. 63 pages, 5-3/8x7-3/8", $14.

(1916) Moore & Evans Wholesale Catalog No. 117: Optical Goods, Cameras & Supplies. Illustrated catalog featuring Seneca, Ansco and Expo cameras, photographic supplies, optical instruments, binoculars, field glasses, opera glasses and eye glasses. 86 pages, 6x9", $19.

(1919) Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. "What Lens Shall I Buy?" Illustrated catalog and price list. 35 pages, 4-1/2x7", $15.

(c1920) The A-B-C Guide to Autotype Carbon Printing, a high quality reprint of the Autotype Company publication and reprinted by New York dealer George Murphy, Inc. Based on the "A-B-C Guide to the Making of Autotype Prints in Permanent Pigments" by J.R. Sawyer. 45 pages, 5-1/2x7-3/4" (140x197mm), $

(c1920) The Carbro Process, a high quality reprint of the Autotype Company publication. Explains the process and provides working instructions for making prints. Includes revised addendum page. 23 pages, 4-7/8x7-1/4" (125x185mm),

(c1920) ICA IPSCO (International Photo Sales Corp.). Catalog of cameras, plates, papers. A superb illustrated compendium covering the various ICA camera models before the merger with Zeiss Ikon. Models included: Victrix, Atom, BeBe, Icarette, Ideal, Niklas, Cupido, Delta, Trix, Trona, Icar, Minimal, Halloh, Nixe, Lloyd, Postcard Trix, Tropical, Jewel, Ispco Reflex cameras, Palmos, Cupido Stereolette, Icar Polyscope, Lloyd Stereo Panoram, shutters, film holders, stereo accessories, filters, finders and darkroom equipment. 64 pages, 5-1/2x8", $15.

(1922) Eastman Professional Photographic Apparatus and Materials Catalog Reprint. Featuring Century cameras and studio accessories, Graflex cameras, Cirkut cameras, Premo cameras, Eastman View cameras, Folmer and Schwing cameras, Kodak and Bausch & Lomb lenses, as well as professional studio, photographic and darkroom accessories. 116 pages, 5-1/2x7-3/4", $19.

(1922) Wollsensak Lenses & Shutters Catalog Reprint. Showcases the full line of Wollensak large format and process lenses as well as the various Wollensak shutters. Detailed illustrated descriptions of the Velostigmat, Verito, Vitax, Vesta, Versar, Voltas and Series IIIa Wide Angle Lenses and the Betax, Ganmax, Deltax, Studio and Stereoscopic Shutter. 32 pages, 6x9" (150x228mm), cardstock covers, $12.

(1924) Catalogue of Taylor-Hobson Cooke Lenses Reprint issued by Sweet, Wallach & Company, Chicago. Catalogue is illustrated and features detailed lens descriptions and specifications for Series 0, Series IIA, Series III Aviar, Series IIIB Avaric, 3 series of Portrait Lenses, Series VIII Telephoto Anastigmat, Series IV & V, Series VIIB New Wide Angle Process Lenses and Prisms and Cinema Lenses. 16 pages, 4-3/4x7-1/2" (120x190), $10.

(1924) "About Lenses" Eastman Kodak Co. Booklet Reprint. Covering optics, focal length, lens design, depth of focus, choosing lenses and applications with depth of focus tables covering cameras and lenses of the time. 32 pages, 5-1/2x8-1/2, $15.

(1926) Kodaks and Kodak Supplies Reprint. Eastman Kodak Co. Illustrated catalog of cameras, accessories and supplies. 64 pages, 5-1/2x7-3/4", $15.

(1926) Photographic Lenses and Korona Cameras: Gundlach Manufacturing Corporation/Gundlach-Manhattan Optical Company; Rochester, NY. A high-quality reprint of Catalog No. 25 dated March 1, 1926, 2nd edition. Gundlach Lenses described: the Turner-Reich Convertible, Gundlach Portrait Lenses, Radar, Pancratic Radar, Perigraphic and Pancratic Lenses. Korona Cameras described: Korona View, Panoramic View, Criterion View, Korona Home Portrait, Korona Pictorial View, Series III, IV and V Koronas and Petit. Each page features detailed product illustrations and descriptions and there are numerous application photographs. 52 pages, 6x9" (150x225mm), cardstock covers with comb (ring) binding, $15.

(1927) A Manual of Bromoil and Transfer by Dr. Emil Mayer. A high quality reprint from Pratical Photography No. 12, 1927. A detailed working guide to the processes and materials. Includes a number of interesting advertisements from dealers offering bromoil and transfer materials as well as hardware ads from Goerz, Wollensak, Kodak and other companies. Features coil binding and illustrated card stock covers. 58 pages, 5-1/4x7-1/4" (183x189mm), $13.

(1928) Bausch & Lomb Photographic Lenses Catalog Reprint. Showcases the full line of Bausch & Lomb large format process and mtion picture lenses including the Tessar, Protar, Plastigmat, and Process Anastigmat as well as shutters and optical accessories. 46 pages, 5-1/4x5-7/8" (133x184mm), $12.

(1933) Voigtlander Camera Catalog with Price List (1935) Reprint. Fully illustrated catalog with detailed descriptions of the historic pre-war Voigtlander cameras: Superb, Brilliant, Jubilar, Bessa, Inos II, Perkeo, Virtus, Prominent 2-1/2x3-1/4, Vag, Avus, Tourist, Stereflectoscope, shutters, lenses and filters. 40 pages, 5-7/8x8-1/4" (149x210mm), $12.

(1933) Zeiss Objectives Photo Lens Catalog "The Eagle Eye of Your Camera" with 1934 Price List Reprint. This is a detailed guide to all the great Zeiss photo lenses, their designs, specifications and applications. Includes 2 color plates. Lenses described Include: Tessar, Dagor, Double Protar, Magnar, Biotar, Sonnar, Bio-Tessar, Tele-Tessar, Kino-Tele-Tessar, APO Tessar, APO-Planar, Hypergon, Quartz-Anastigmat, Distar and Proxar Lenses, Ducar and A-Ducar. 48 pages, 5-1/2x8", reprint, $15.

(1938) Leitz Microscopes Reprint. E. Leitz, New York. Superbly detailed illustrations and text describing the various types of Leitz microscopes and accessories, their various features and applications. May 1939 price list included. 139 pages, 7x10", with comb (ring) binding, $24.

(1939) Schneider Lenses Reprint. Illustrated catalog featuring the Xenar, Radionar, Xenon Kinoplan, Tele-Xenar, Angulon, Symmar, Aero-Xenar, Componar lenses and accessories. 48 pages, 5-3/4x8-1/4", $15.

(1939) Zeiss Contax Catalog Reprint. Illustrated catalog detailing the Contax II and III systems including the lenses, finders, accessories and their uses. 48 pages, 5x7", $15.

(c1955). Alpa Alnea 4, 5, 6 Catalog Reprint. Detailed product information covering the cameras, the early lenses including the Alfinar, Xenon, Switar Telexenar (Tele-Xenar), Algular, Aletar and Tele-Kilar as well as the early focusing mounts. 10 pages, $10.

(1964) Komura Lens Catalog Reprint. Shows the complete line of 35mm SLR cameras, Bronica cameras and Leica screw mount cameras as well as lens adapters, viewfinders and mirror housing for Leica screw mount and Komura filters and lens hoods. 29 pages, 3-7/8x9-1/4" (98x235mm), $10.

(1970) Canon Systems Equipment Catalog (Aug 1970) Reprint. The last catalog featuring the Canon 7-S Rangefinder camera, lenses and accessories as well as the Canon FTQL/Pellix SLR system and the Popular Super 8 movie cameras. There is detailed information and pricing on the great Canon Rangefinder lenses and accessories which is especially hard to come by. This catalog was also the last one issued by the then U.S. importer Bell & Howell who were soon terminated and replaced by Canon USA, the factory's first step into marketing Canon consumer products directly. 43 pages, 5-3/4x8" (145x200mm), $12.

(1973) Arca Swiss Product Catalog Reprint. Features the Arca-Swiss Reflex Cameras 6x9cm and 9x12cm/4x5", the Arca-Swiss View Cameras from 6x9cm to 8x10", the Arca-Swiss Super Wide Angle Camera, Arca-Swiss Mono-Ball and a number of unique Arca accessories including the Reflex Housing, Repro-Stand, Compendium, Ground Plate and Reversible Viewer. 31 pages, 6-1/2x8-3/4" (165x223mm). Text in English & Italian, $15.

(1973) Topcon Camera System Product Catalog Reprint. A comprehensive, fully illustrated guide to the Topcon Super DM and Topcon Supreme SLR cameras, IC-1 camera and lenses as well as the full line of accessories. 30 pages, 8-1/2x8-1/2 (217x217mm), $10.

(1977) Fuji Fujinon Large Format Lens Catalog Reprint with Retail Price List. Features detailed descriptions and specifications of the SWD, SW, W, L, A, SF and T lenses in shutters as well as the Fujinon/Fujinar barrel mount lenses and the EP and ES series of enlarging lenses. Catalog: 14 pages, 8-1/2x11" (215x280mm). Price List: January 1, 1977, 4 pages, 8-1/2x11" (215x280mm), $10.

(1978) Novoflex Catalogue Reprint. Illustrated listing of Follow Focus lenses for 35mm and medium format, adapters, macro lenses, bellow systems, macro stand, Castel focusing rack and macro flash bracket. Includes complete directory of lens adapters and detailed specifications. 15 pages, 6x8-3/8" (150x213mm), $12.

(1988) Nikon Manual Focus SLR Lenses Catalog Pages Reprint with descriptions and specifications. Illustrated, detailed lens information showing specifications, optical design and depth of field tables: 13mm F5.6 to 100mm fixed focal length lenses, zoom lenses, macro lenses, fish eye, medical nikkor, noct nikkor and UV lenses, tele converters. 45 double-sided black & white pages, 8-1/2"x11" (215x278mm) with comb binding and cardstock covers, $15.


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