These are high-quality reprints from the factory repair manuals. Most are 8-1/2"x11" (210x278mm) format. Printed on white paper and features a deluxe comb binding, heavyweight card stock covers and clear plastic protective overleaf. Prices do not include shipping.

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Canon EOS Cameras, Lenses, Speedlites

#8118 - Canon EOS Rebel G Series Service & Repair Manual. Covers 35mm Rebel G QD, Rebel G, EOS 500N QD, New EOS Kiss. Fully illustrated with exploded views, component and circuit illustrations, complete repair instructions and factory parts list. 160 pages, $30.00

#8119 - Canon EOS Elan II, IIE, EOS 50, 50E, 55 and QD Models Service & Repair Manual. Detailed mechanical and electrical repair and service instructions with exploded views, repair illustrations, wiring diagrams, schematics and extensive parts listing. Approximately 200 pages, $35.00

#8120 - Canon EOS 650 / 620 Cameras (1987) Repair Manual. Fully illustrated. Full disassembly and reassembly information, as well as exploded views, parts listing, repair, adjustment and service information. Canon does note that a specialized Canon computer is required for electronic repairs of cameras. Approximately 215 pages, $35.00

#8121 - Canon EOS 650 / 620 Troubleshooting Guide. Sections include: Index, Switch Name & Functions, Operating Currents, No Power, Battery Drain, PC Display, Won't Autofocus, Won't Autoloading, Winding Problem, Trouble Symptoms. Printed 8-1/2"x11" center stapled. 15 pages, $13.00

#8122 - Canon Speedlite 380-EX Service & Repair Manual. Detailed illustrated service and repair instructions, schematics, test procedures, parts listing. 106 pages, $25.00

#8123 - Canon Speedlite 540-EZ (1994) Service & Repair Manual. Fully illustrated. Complete exploded views, schematics, parts listing, full disassembly, repair and service, and reassembly information. 112 pages, $25.00


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