These are high-quality reprints from the factory repair manuals. Format is 8-1/2"x11" (210x278mm). Most are printed double-sided and feature heavyweight card stock covers, clear plastic protective overleaf and deluxe comb binding. Prices do not include shipping.

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Bell & Howell, TDC Still Cameras & Projectors


#8062 - Bell & Howell Slide Cube Projector Service & Repair Manual. Covers Models 854, 856, 857, 859, 861 alternately listed as Models CP40, 1000PS, RC50, RF60, AF70, 3000PS. Full service and repair instructions, detailed exploded views and repair illustrations, wiring schematics and an itemized parts list. 50 pages, $18.00

#90280 - TDC Slide Projectors, Table Views, Slide Changer (1956) fully illustrated. Schematics, service instructions for Bell & Howell TDC Projector Models 117G, 106G, 100G, 773G, 150G, 759G, 251G, 751G, 124G, 224G, 325G, 425G, 225G, 415G, 320G, 720G, 260G, 160G, 304G, 504G, Project-or-View. Service information, complete exploded views, parts listing. 46 pages. $20.00

#90047 -TDC Stereo Projectors & Stereo Cameras Service & Repair Manual. Covers the 716-G, 716-A, 732-G, 761-A Stereo Projectors, the 135-G Stereo Vivid, 739-G Stereo Colorist I and 739-B Stereo Colorist II Cameras. Trouble shooting charts, illustrated service instructions, wiring diagrams and exploded views. 36 pages, $15.00




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