Printed from the factory repair manuals on white paper, 8-1/2"x11" (210x278mm) format. Features heavyweight card stock covers, clear plastic protective overleaf and deluxe comb binding. Prices do not include shipping.

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#8001 - Agfa Ambiflex Service & Repair Manual TYP 3100 (c1960). English, French, German, Spanish. Service instructions, exploded views, parts list. 35 pages, $18.00
#8002 - Agfa Selectaflex Service & Repair Manual TYP 3130 (c1966). English, French, German, Spanish. Includes illustrated service instructions, exploded views, parts list. 35 pages, $18.00
#8003 - Agfa Colorflex TYP 3012 and Ambiflex TYP 3100 Repair Manual & Parts List. English, French, German. Detailed repair information with exploded views and numbered parts listing. This manual covers the Colorflex Type 3012 wit waist level finder (Colorflex i & Agaflex I). The manual also applies to the Model II with prism but the prism is not shown or mentioned. With regard to the Ambliflex Type 3100: this covers the Ambiflex I & II - the prism is shown (II). The 50mm F2.8 Color-Solinar lens is shown. Except for the lens, this manual would also apply to the Ambiflex III which came with the 55mm F2 Color Soligor Lens (not shown). U.S. Model designations: Agfaflex III, IV, V. Total of 80 pages, $20.00