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About Us


Traditional photographic equipment is gradually fading from memory and being replaced by digital electronic appliances that in some cases don't even resemble the precision instruments of the recent past.

This website attempts to keep the ties to the old cameras we have known and loved and provide information on their maintenance and repair.

For over 50 years our staff members have devoted themselves to traditional photography: selling equipment in retail and wholesale environments, working as professional photographers and as consultants to industry.

Our expertise covers most photographic equipment including large and medium format, 35mm rangefinder and SLR cameras, vintage lenses, still and movie projection equipment, binoculars and more.

We are available as equipment consultants by appointment (for a fee) and can provide information and advice on complex equipment questions or issues -- we limit our services to non-digital equipment.

Hopefully you will find this website to be both interesting and informative.

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